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Kimber has a love for horses and the sport of show jumping.  Because she understands the importance of respecting the whole horse, Kimber emphasizes proper horse management as well as fundamentally correct flatwork for soundness, longevity, increased athleticism, and connection to create a well-rounded and happy equine partner.

Kimber grew up eventing through Pony Club while working at a local hunter jumper barn in exchange for lessons and eventually focused on a career in show jumping.  She spent 4 years working for Megan Jordan and then 7 years working for Rich and Shelley Fellers as a working student and then as a rider, where she got the opportunity to compete several different horses over the years and learned how to ride and manage high performance sport horses.

In training and coaching, Kimber takes an individualized approach to educate each horse and rider in a simple and confidence building way. 

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We put the wellbeing of the horse first.

We value honesty, integrity, and sportsmanship.

We maintain a high standard of training to achieve fundamentally correct flatwork to promote soundness and excellence in our equine partners.

We are constant students of the horse, and learn from every opportunity.

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Oregon Trail Classic

1st $1500 1.15m Open Jumper Classic - Aurora's Diamond



1st Sahuaro Classic $3,000 1.30m Welcome Stake - Chocolate Champ

4th Sahuaro Classic $24,000 Grand Prix - Chocolate Champ

8th Tuscon Winter Classic $3000 1.30m Welcome Stake - Chocolate Champ



10th $10,000 1.35m Summit Joint Jumper Classic - Chocolate Champ

2nd 1.30m Jumper - Chocolate Champ

Spruce Meadows Pan American

1st 1.10m - Qualisy

5th 1.0m - Chilkat Cruise

Spruce Meadows Continental

2nd 1.0m - Chilkat Cruise

4th 1.0m - Chilkat Cruise



2nd 1.25m - Chocolate Champ

Thunderbird BC Open

1st 1.25m - Chocolate Champ 

5th 1.20m $2500 Open Jumper Classic - Beefheart

3rd 1.20m - Beefheart

Spruce Meadows National

1st 1.20m - Beefheart

3rd 1.20m - Beefheart

4th 1.20m - Beefheart

7th 1.30m - Chocolate Champ

Spruce Meadows Pan American

1st 1.25m - Beefheart


1st place 1.30m Chocolate Champ

Spruce Meadows Masters

2nd 1.30m - Chocolate Champ

Sunshine Series

2nd 1.30m - Chocolate Champ

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